What is counselling?

It’s a therapeutic, professional relationship.  A relationship where you can feel safe, listened to and accepted.  Counselling is also a confidential and non-judgemental form of helping. For many, this is something never experienced before.

Our relationship will be based on empathic understanding.  This allows you to safely explore concerns, behaviours and feelings that you may not feel able to discuss with others.

Life can be tough.  Things happen that we don’t want or expect and we may strive for change, but sometimes we get stuck or things get us down.  People don’t understand us and we can become anxious, fed up or stuck in a rut.   At other times we fulfil others’ expectations of us and we may feel trapped and resentful because of this.  Before we know it our relationships suffer or our appetite changes, perhaps we can’t sleep, focus or concentrate, or might we feel hopeless and sad.  Anxiety affects people in lots of different ways.  If this sounds like you, I invite you to get in touch.  With my support and understanding, you can start feeling more empowered and in control of your life.